Guidance Advisory Program (GAP)

The team responsible for the school’s guidance and advisory program consists of the Head of the English Department, member of Overseas Association for College Admission Counseling, OACAC, the Head of the Spanish Department, official school link with the Ministry of Education in the Dominican Republic, the High School Supervisor, member of OACAC, and the Psychologist who coordinates the Department of Orientation.

The career counseling process begins in 11th grade. Skills and aptitude tests are given by the Guidance Department. After the evaluation process, advisors meet with students individually to discuss results, and then with parents and students interested in learning about the college admission process and/or obtaining financial aid and scholarships.

Students are offered a variety of events that will help them choose their university careers. They have the opportunity to participate in Career Days, College Fairs, visits from numerous international universities and colleges, and presentations and field trips to local universities.

Coaching Program

In the interest of the student’s academic success, the institution offers periods of reinforcement for those who need it (free of charge). This tutoring program is taught by professors specialized in each area of academics.

Model United Nations

Offers our students an opportunity to exercise their critical thinking and analysis skills, their oratory and communications talents and their negotiating abilities. Participants are assigned a country that they will represent as diplomats in the simulation of an intergovernmental conference. Our faculty coordinator guides each student through his research. The students will participate as ambassador of this country to the United Nations in a national and/or international debate.

Junior Achievement

Allows our students to develop entrepreneur skills preparing them to compete in the workplace. They will participate in locally and nationally organized activities that will allow them to exercise the business skills they have learned. The club’s mission is to encourage the students’ enterprising spirit that will allow them to reach their goals in a frame of responsibility and commitment.

Science And Cultural Fair

The institution organizes science and cultural fairs on a regular basis. Students from pre-school to high school participate in these activities which encourage investigation, team-work and creativity and bring together the academic community. Every three years the Institution is immersed in the Science and Culture Fair. It involves from Preschool to High school levels. Topics are chosen and developed by relevant subjects with the head teachers. Projects are shown to the student community, guests and general public. This activity promotes research, team work, creativity and involves all the educative community.

Community Service Program

Community service projects are designed by the school. The students plan and participate in activities, such as charity work, organized for donations of money, food, and clothing for the needy, cancer patients, the elderly, and school’s for underprivileged children among others.

Our School in the past has also made donations for international charities such as The Earthquake in Haiti, the victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the NBIA Hope and Faith foundation as well as the Orphans of 9/11, etc.