Debate Club

In this club students become involved with problems affecting nations at the global level, affecting people in small towns and cities. They explore how their development is impeded and how it affects them at an international level. Through critical thinking and investigation they have the opportunity to comment and provide possible solutions to the problem raised.

It is our intention to broaden their horizons so that they can master the aspects of the global platform, developing and strengthening in the areas of research, speech and knowledge. Our objective is based in the intercultural and social exchange of the town/cities, providing at the same time the chance to develop in the areas of research and practicing the use of oratory and argumentative tools, which undoubtedly will open intellectual doors in the future. Through the act of debating, students build a bridge to further develop their academic and personal qualities.

Robotics Club

The robotics club is a space for young people with passion for learning and innovation, where they can develop technological and mechanical skills. The purpose of this club is to integrate students from both primary and secondary school into the areas of science and technology. It prepares students to participate in Robotics competitions at the national and international levels offered by the worldwide organization called FIRST, a nonprofit organization that aims to encourage kids and teens to develop more in the areas of science and technology. The club is divided into two parts, separating the primary from the secondary students. The club for elementary students participates in the competition of FIRST LEGO LEAGUE, also known as FLL, while the high school students participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition, also known as FRC.

Journalism Club

The Journalism Club seeks to expand the most essential aspects of journalism, promoting the correct use of the English language, grammar, and writing. Generally these students are responsible for the task of writing informative bulletins, some external communications, and articles for our school newspaper, ABC News. They have the opportunity to be exposed to different journalistic styles and are encouraged by analysis and constructive criticism.

The Go Green Club

The mission of this club is to arouse awareness and sensitivity among the student body and their environment to protect and preserve natural resources in the environment. We promote the participation of students in projects and activities, including the recycling of paper and plastic. Through educational ecological fieldtrips the students are encouraged to be sensitive and caring towards the environment and community surrounding them.

The Book Club

The main objective of this club is to promote reading as a fun activity where critical thinking, text analysis, and creativity are encouraged. Members meet regularly after reading a selected book. They discuss details about the characters, the plot, complementary ideas, tone, style, and more.

The Art Club

The Art Club brings together students interested in the different forms of artistic expression, which include drawing, painting, architectural design, talent searching, among others. Under the guidance of teachers they prepare small skits or plays, and/or conduct talent contests which are then presented to the public.

The Chess Club

The chess club is oriented to offer game strategies and techniques as well as fostering planning, assertive decision-making and analysis. Once a week, at the end of the school day, students meet in the library and a faculty member guides them as they play.


Extra-curricular activities are very popular and a large number of students are members of our teams. The ABC Cup held each year promotes sports exchanges with various educational institutions in an environment of healthy competition and friendship.

International Sporting Events

Throughout the year, the school participates in various international competitions with their male and female soccer teams. These activities promote both an athletic and cultural exchange for those who choose to participate.