Middle And High School


The middle and high school curriculum offers students learning experiences that stimulate them to develop their full intellectual, social, emotional, moral, and physical potential.

The institution requires that High School students accumulate a minimum of thirty-two (32) credits within a four-year period in order to graduate. A student may earn credit for the successful completion of a course of study for which a minimum of 110 hours of instruction has been successfully completed . Half-credit can be earned in the same way, completing 55 to 75 hours.

Our Dual-Curriculum includes: Literature (American, World, Hispanic, and Contemporary), Structured Grammar, Mathematics (Algebra I, II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus), Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), Social Sciences (American History I and II, World History, World Geography, United States Government), a Foreign Language (French), and Physical Education.

In High School we offer the four educational areas required by the Ministry of Education: Humanities and Modern Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences.

University Subjects (College Courses):

University Calculus, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Sociology and Psychology, among others, are as well offered.

Elective Subjects:

Art History, Debate, Journalism, Architecture and Pre-Engineering in Robotics and Advanced Technology, among others.

We are the only institution in the Dominican Republic that offers the Dual Program in partnership with Academica Corporation: A parallel program where the student takes eight additional courses online and obtains a degree endorsed from the United States, giving students the opportunity to compete for scholarships in the United States and facilitating easier access to American universities.

Our program offers activities such as, but not limited to, Junior Achievement, Model United Nations, Math and Spelling Olympics, Community Service, and clubs such as Reading and Journalism, and Art, provide students opportunities to integrate diversified activities that are complementary to their plan of studies.