Graduate Profile

A Graduate from the Americas Bicultural School is a person who

  • Possesses intellectual and social abilities like innovation, integrity and commitment that allows them to develop in society.
  • Takes responsibilities objectively as a member of society.
  • Has a clear vision of his/her role as a member of a globalized society.
  • Values and respects cultural, racial and religious individuality.
  • Possesses critical and analytical thinking.
  • Possesses the necessary abilities to excel in higher education in Dominican Republic or internationally (the exterior).
  • Is proactive and shows sensitivity with his or her surrounding environment encouraging ecological consciousness.
  • Develops a critical and analytical consciousness applying his/her knowledge and abilities for his/her personal well-being and that of society.
  • Defends his/her rights and accomplishes his/her legal and moral obligations.
  • Is respectful, self-disciplined, responsible, organized and capable of interacting socially with others practicing democracy in everyday life.
  • Is capable of producing, processing and applying their knowledge for their personal development and in society.