Early Childhood Education

(Nursery through Pre-First)

Americas Bicultural School Beginning Level curriculum offers children the opportunity to grow socially, physically and intellectually in an environment that gives them the advantage of becoming the main protagonists of their learning guided by highly qualified personnel.

Our curriculum is flexible, creative and responds to individual and group educational needs, promoting the development of their intellectual, social and motor skills and abilities essential for their personal development.

A wide range of learning materials and experiences help develop foundational skills that will be used throughout your development process in an environment that encourages creativity, fosters respect, and trust.

The Preschool academic programs are entirely in English with methodological strategies designed to promote greater language learning, increasing vocabulary and the ability to understand instructions. The contents are carefully selected according to age.

Our Preschool is composed of Nursery (1 to 3 years), Pre-Kinder (3 to 4 years), Kinder (4 to 5 years) and Pre-First (5 to 6 years) levels. We have implemented a modern concept in Early Childhood Education in which students rotate through different centers of interest. We have a drama room, art room, math and science room, computer lab, gym, audiovisual and music room and a specially designed library with modern educational materials according to your needs.