The Nicest Visit from McGill University

Last February, the Americas Bicultural
School received a student –teacher from
McGill University. Luckily, she got assigned
to teach second graders and I had the
chance to supervise and get to know her.
Her name is Catherine Isacco, and chose
our school to fulfill the requirements of her
internship program, allowing her to finish
her studies at McGill University.
Catherine worked in the English Department during a period of seven weeks, both
at school and through virtual classes. Her
sweet nature made it a pleasure to be
around her. Catherine’s classes were full of
creativity and innovation, which are exactly
some of the values of our school. Her previous experience and background made her
a brilliant intern, very easy to work with.
My overall experience with Miss Isacco was
extremely pleasant. Catherine was always
eager to learn and honored our school’s
spirit. I was able to see the connection she
made with all her students and her efforts
to become a better teacher each day. During our time together I felt proud to see how
quickly she applied the lessons taught to
her into her own teachings. I believe Miss
Isacco will add to the great teachers of this