Students outstand at Harvard 2018

Our school participated in the 44th Annual Harvard National Forensics Tournament, at Harvard University in Massachusetts, United States this year. This famous debate tournament hosts about 3,500 students from around the world.

Our team participated in the category “Public Forum” winning 15 rounds of discussions in the Junior Varsity and Novice categories.

The topic was, ¨Should the tax on capital gain be abolished?” It was a laborious, but very profitable, three days. Students could work on several aspects, such as dominion of time, access to information and skills in speech and rhetoric.

The judges assigned high scores to our students for their performance.

The students who atended the tournament were: Ruben Paulino, Juan Lora, David Rosario, Maite Battle, Luis Taveras, Elena Peláez, Salma Marra, Mauricio Espinosa, Felipe Sartori, Erik well, Valentina Núñez, José Eduardo Díaz, Ryan Alcantara, Manuel Fernández, Juan Pacheco, Pablo Ventura, Militza Núñez, Emmanuel Perez, Sebastian Henriquez, Daniela Rodriguez, Laura Mendez, Amanda Defilló, Andrea Defilló and Branche Ortiz.

This event, which is internationally recognized as one of the leading universities within the Ivy League, is characterized by the opportunity it offers to its participants to interact with students from different cultures. It strengthens skills acquired to develop in their future professional life.

“My experience at Harvard was amazing, especially because I was able to learn and share with students from around the world. It was an exciting occasion where I had the opportunity to defend my position on a topic from different perspectives.” Sebastián Henríquez

“My experience at Harvard was unforgettable! For me it was so advantageous to have been able to participate in this event. I am grateful to my parents and to ABC for the opportunity to have lived this experience.” Laura Méndez