Canadians trained ABC teachers

Academic preparation never ends when it comes to educating students. Therefore, ABC authorities held conferences and workshops for their teachers to ensure quality education.

Claudia Defilló de Bogaert stated: “It is from the training of our teachers that we ensure the students and their parents a preparation of competition in an increasingly globalized world”.

She informs that, proof of this is that for the second consecutive year we have received recently Nathalie Bossé and Clare Gabert, Canadian advisors, who are training the faculty on Student Centered Learning (SCL) and Project based Learning (PBL).


Both methodologies enrich the educational practice of the institution. They promote and develop autonomy and independence on the part of the student focusing on learning, skills, and practices in their daily lives. Independently students acquire problem solving skills that provide a more significant and meaningful learning experience.

Teacher Claudia adds that the presence of Bossé and Gabert means a lot to the ABC faculty of the educational center, since both professionals are not only experts in the subject matter, but they have a vast experience in the development of good educational practices.