School Admission Policy

The Americas Bicultural School admits students of any nationality, religion, ethnic origin, race, color, or sex. Children with disabilities are admitted to the extent of the school´s ability to accommodate them. All students have a right to participate in the programs and activities offered at the school.


  • Birth certificate:Previous school-year report cards. (see below)
    • Original document for Dominican citizens.
    • For international students, a copy legalized by the Procuraduria General de la Republica Dominicana, and translated into Spanish if necessary.
  • Letter of conduct from the previous school attended.
  • Fulfillment of payment letter from previous school.
  • Two 2 x 2 photographs (recent).
  • Medical record of the institution for elementary school to seventh grade.
  • Medical certificate for 8th grade and higher.
  • Take entrance exam.
  • Sign school rules and regulations forms.
  • Pay Parents Association fee.

Dominican Students (entering grades 9 through 12) must present

  • Official 8th grade certificate from the Dominican Ministry of Education (Ministerio de Education).
  • Record of grades achieved in the previous grade signed and sealed by the corresponding school district (8th grade).
  • Copy of qualification document validated by the corresponding School District (9th to 12th grade).

Foreign students

  • Translate to Spanish all records of approved courses and legalize them in the ministry of foreign affairs of the country of origin where each level was completed.
  • Deposit these documents at the Ministry of Education (Departamento de Convalidaciones).
  • Deposit official placement document at the Americas Bicultural Academy.