School Personnel


The Academic personnel consist of a Headmistress, Principal, Vice-Principal, Head of the English department, and Head of the Spanish department as well as Supervisors for the High School, Elementary and Pre-School. Coordinators are assigned to academic areas such as Literature, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Cultural Arts and Physical Education.

The orientation, psychology, and resources departments and our library staff are valuable members of the instructional personnel as are our teachers’ assistants in Pre-School.

The Americas Bicultural School requires all its teachers to have a Bachelor Degree in Education. Most of our teachers have a Masters Degree in Education. All faculty members are required to accumulate a total of one hundred and twenty (120) clock hours of professional development activities over a period of five years. This institution provides conferences, seminars, workshops and more.

Our school is proud of its teaching staff. Most teachers have been with us for many years thus ensuring the fulfillment of The Americas Bicultural School’s goal of educating for leadership. They have shown proof of intellectual, social and practical competence as well as of their understanding of the students’ needs. The faculty distinguishes itself by its dedication to the school’s philosophy and its constant search for new contributions to the learning-teaching process.


The school administrator is assisted by an accounting department, a human resources department, an infirmary under the direction of a medical doctor, a technology department, and a security and maintenance supervisor.