School Organizations

Board of Directors/Advisory Board

The Americas Bicultural School has a three-member Board of Directors that consists of a President, Vice-President and Secretary. It is responsible for the planning and implementation of all final dispositions concerning the administration of the school. The Advisory Board consists of five members who are responsible for budget follow-ups, proposing strategies ensuring appropriate management, offering economic, cultural, and organizational guidelines and orientating in service to the community.

Student Counsel

The Americas Bicultural School’s Student Counsel consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and three delegates elected each year by their peers (grades 8 – 12). They should be examples of leadership, integrity, cooperation and dedication. It is the duty of the Student Counsel to integrate the student body in school activities both curricular and extra-curricular. It also serves as a link between students and school authorities, ensuring cooperation on both sides when dealing with a situation of interest to the students.

Parents Association

The Parents Association elects its board members and three delegates per class every year. The responsibility of the association is to promote enthusiasm for, and participation in, all school activities, academic or extracurricular, to accompany the students in their projects, and to enhance parent-teacher and student-teacher communication.